Construction Law

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center represents domestic and foreign construction companies, employers, property owners, real estate partners, contractors, subcontractors, project developers and project owners before government institutions, courts, domestic arbitration and international arbitration proceedings.

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center is involved in the resolution of disputes in connection with FIDIC Agreements (Red Book, Yellow Book, Silver Book); the Law No. 3996 on the Making of Certain Investments and Services within the Framework of the Build-Operate-Transfer Model, the Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets No. 2863 and other national and international legislation and regulations.

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center provide litigation and consultancy services at national and international level in civil engineering projects, public and private sector construction projects, build-operate-transfer projects, build-lease-transfer projects, public-private cooperation projects, mixed-use building projects, commercial building projects, multi-dwelling projects and in other construction projects, due diligence, zoning and construction permits, guarantee, loan and project financing transactions, concession contracts, joint venture contracts, project management contracts, shopping malls and hotel management contracts, license contracts, material and equipment supply contracts, negotiating and arranging goods and service contracts, contracting and subcontracting contracts, making and following up administrative applications for sites, protected areas, historical monuments or cultural property as well as making and following up applications to the Dispute Resolution Board.

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