Contract Law

Dayıoğlu Law Firm and International ADR Center represents Turkish and foreign real and legal persons in all kinds of national and international legal relations in the process of examining, negotiating, preparing and finalizing contracts.

According to the need, Dayıoğlu Law Firm and International ADR Center applies to rules, practices and solutions arising from in connection with INCOTERMS, ICC Model Commercial Intermediation Agreement, ICC Model Consortium Agreement, ICC Model Confidentiality Agreement, ICC Model Distributorship Agreement, ICC Force Majeure Clause, ICC Hardship Clause, ICC Model International Franchise Agreement, ICC Model Merger and Acquisition Agreement, ICC, Brand License Agreement, ICC UCP Rules, ICC URC and other national and international contract laws.

Dayıoğlu Law Firm and International ADR Center provides litigation and consultancy services at national and international level in arbitration agreements, evidence agreements, non-responsibility agreements, confidentiality agreements, authorization agreements, general transaction terms, preparation of all kinds of contracts arising from aviation law, construction law, energy law, banking law, corporate law, competition law, intellectual property law, commercial law, personal data protection law, tourism law, real estate law, inheritance law, family law, labor law, consumer law and law of obligations, examination of contracts, negotiation and conclusion of contracts, amendment of contracts, assertion of invalidity of contracts, termination of contracts, drawing of notices.

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