Corporate Law

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center provides litigation and regular consultancy services to trade and investment companies with partners from all nationalities operating in different sectors, companies subject to special permits, holdings and consultancy services to individuals who want to establish a company.

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center is involved in transactions and processes as well as resolution of disputes arising from the Turkish Commercial Code No. 6102 and other national and international legislation and regulations.

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center provides national and international litigation, regular consultancy and company establishment service, in preparation of articles of association, follow-up of company establishment process, company registration and announcement, arrangement of signature circular, arrangement of internal directive, holding ordinary and extraordinary general assembly meetings, holding board of directors meetings, establishing branch and liaison office following the corporate establishment process, issuing share transfer and pledge agreements, issuing capital commitment agreements, issuing shareholder agreements, issuing account pledge agreements, negotiating and amending commercial agreements, amending the articles of association, organization and contracting of transfer of commercial enterprises, following the capital increase process, following the capital reduction process, performing mergers and acquisitions, due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, company division transactions, type change transactions, making the company’s public offering, regulating the company’s representation powers and registration and announcement of these powers, financial structuring of the company, liquidation transactions arranging improvement projects following the bankruptcy process, arranging improvement projects in debt-infected companies following the concordat process, regulating partnership rights, litigation and regular consultancy services in all kinds of business and transactions of the company, and resolving disputes arising thereof.

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