Real Estate Law

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center represents property owners, lessors, lessees, sub-tenants, sub-tenants, flat owners, flat owners’ boards, block building owners, block representatives boards and foreign citizens who want to acquire Turkish citizenship through investment before state institutions and courts.

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center takes part in disputes arising from Zoning Law No. 3194, Property Ownership Law No. 634, Law No. 4708 on Building Inspection, Turkish Civil Law No. 4721, Law No. 6306 on Transformation of Areas Under Disaster Risk, Settlement Law No. 5543, Municipality No. 5393 Law on the Protection of Cultural and Natural Assets No. 2863, Turkish Citizenship Law No. 5901 and other legislation.

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center provides litigation and legal consulting services in connection with real estate sales and sales promise transactions, establishment of condominium and floor servitude, regulation of management plan, following the processes of obtaining construction permit and occupancy permit, following the procedures regarding obtaining the building registration certificate, following the transactions and objections regarding urban transformation processes, mortgage Establishment and cancellation procedures, establishment and abandonment of limited real rights, primarily usufruct, right of passage, encumbrance and annotation on real estate, administrative objections and applications against zoning plans, acquisition of Turkish citizenship through investment, opening accounts, issuing sales or promise-to-sell contracts, pursuing sales or promise-to-sell transactions before the Land Registry and Notary Publics, and following the citizenship procedures before the General Directorates of Civil Registry, title deed cancellation and registration cases, remuneration cases, expropriation cases, confiscation cases without expropriation, sites, conservation areas, historical artifacts or lawsuits to be filed by the owners after the registration of cultural property, return of abandoned immovables and compensation lawsuits, restitution lawsuits, lawsuits against intervention, lawsuits for dissolution of partnership, lawsuits for stay of execution and cancellation against development plans, subdivision, subdivision, unification, lawsuits against zoning fines and sanctions, lawsuits arising from construction license and building occupancy permit, lawsuits arising from cadastral law, lawsuits for compensation for immovables whose title deeds are given to the Treasury in accordance with forest law and coastal law, eviction lawsuits, lawsuits arising from condominium ownership and determination of rent, following the lawsuits regarding the establishment of a business and obtaining a working license, drawing up contracts for real estate investment trusts and following up the establishment procedures, construction contracts, mortgage contracts, lease contracts, construction and housing loan contracts, immovable sales contracts, immovable sales promise contracts, negotiation, arrangement and annotation of construction contracts in return for flat and building management contracts.

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