Dayıoğlu Arbitration

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center serves as the sole arbitrator or member of the arbitral tribunal appointed or selected in the institutional and ad hoc internal arbitration and international arbitration processes related to all arbitrable disputes, especially commercial arbitration, investment arbitration, energy arbitration and construction arbitration, where Turkish and foreign nationals from all sectors are parties to natural and legal persons or states and state institutions.

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center has achieved many successes in domestic arbitration and international arbitration on the way to arbitration in Turkey by Cemal Sedat Dayıoğlu, one of its partners who completed his law education at Strasbourg University Faculty of International Law and Istanbul University Faculty of Law. Ece Dayıoğlu, FCIArb, FSIArb, partner of Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center, who has a rare career in arbitration, holds LLM degrees in arbitration at Queen Mary University of London and Istanbul Bilgi University LLM, Master II degree at Université Paris I Panthéon-Sorbonne and as former intern MENA Region (Middle East and North Africa) Case Management Team at the International Court of Arbitration of the ICC (International Chamber of Commerce) she offers her knowledge and experience to the world of ADR as one of the rare international arbitration specialists in Turkey.

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center is involved in resolving disputes as arbitrators arising from legal procedures law no. 6100, ISTAC online trial procedures and principles, ISTAC arbitration rules, ISTAC serial arbitration rules, ISTAC emergency arbitrator rules, ISTAC mediation-arbitration rules and other national legislation in domestic arbitration.

Led by Ece Dayıoğlu, FCIArb, FSIArb, Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center participates in international arbitration through its International ADR Panel arbitrators all experts from Europe to Asia from Africa to America from all around the world with international accrediatations and expertise including CIArb (Chartered Institute of Arbitrators) and SIArb (Singapore Institute of Arbitrators).

Dayıoğlu Law Firm & International ADR Center is involved in resolving disputes as an arbitrator in international arbitration arising from .UNCITRAL Arbitration Rules, International Chamber of Commerce Arbitration Rules (ICC Arbitration Rules), LCIA Arbitration Rules, SIAC Arbitration Rules, ICSID Arbitration Rules, DIAC Arbitration Rules, HKIAC Arbitration Rules, SCC Arbitration Rules, Swiss International Arbitration Rules (SRIA), TRAC Arbitration Rules, CAS Arbitration Rules, New York Convention and other international legislation.

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